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Motivated by passion and unprecedented faith, Kay Boyd is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Woman of God with over 15+ years of experience being a liaison between faith-based servant leadership, business amelioration, and generational liberation. As the Chief of Staff for Kingdom City Church, Director of Operations for Brian Carn Ministries, CEO/Founder of The KB Experience, and the Co-Owner of Boyd Firearms & Weaponry, she holds an extensive background involving executive functions and a history of optimizing potential across organizational pipelines. Even more,  she is passionate about leveraging this dynamicity to exceed thought-leading objectives, while propelling large-picture community initiatives forward – ones that society today and future generations can mutually benefit from. 

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Throughout her career, she has built a large inventory of experiences delving into faith, mentorship, and business. Notably, She has served in ministry for more than 15 years and has avidly been capitalizing on her entrepreneurial spirit that shaped her dynamic stances in customer service, corporate management and training, and pillaring community engagements. During this time, she measurably trained over 100 employees across several organizations, coordinated numerous conferences and events that rendered attendee counts ranging from 50 to 8,000, and earned a reputation for interlacing servant leadership, biblical principles, and addressing every challenge with a forward-thinking mindset. This has been alongside leading various social and ministerial projects, with a core intention to elevate the lives of women and youth through speaks of divine truth and humanitarianism that baselines them to become the change they want to see.

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Overall, Kay Boyd is an innovative and ambitious change agent who enjoys demonstrating that finding success in the present, supporting future generations, and embracing life in the reflection of God's work can all be embraced hand-in-hand. Furthermore, her devotions stem from her understanding that creating better tomorrows starts by instilling positive impacts today and that regardless of the starting point, everyone has the ability to exceed their own expectations when they have the right foundation to build on.


Kay is a well-traveled Jacksonville, Florida native, where she currently reside with her devoted husband Charles Boyd, Jr. and their four wonderful children, Chloe, Anthony, Bailey, and Carli – all of whom inspire her to always be and do better than the day before.

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